Why do people
say wow?

We are proud of our beverage; not only for its extraordinary taste but for what it stands for.  LIMONANA is ethically and lovingly made. It is carefully crafted by an artisan and bottled in pristine medical laboratories. Now, all this is worth a big WOW!

What’s more exciting, is the number of customers who exclaim WOW! when tasting LIMONANA for the first time, and time and time again.  And, frankly, even us, at the office, don’t tire saying WOW! when we drink our bottle of LIMONANA.

LIMONANA is a delightful and unique infusion of mint leaves and lemon juice.  Our Collection is well-balanced and subtle.  Not acidic, not tart, not minty, not carbonated. As it is delicate, light, and well-balanced, it is a ready-to drink beverage that is easy to enjoy on its own or with a meal.

LIMONANA is the name of a generic and popular beverage of the Middle East. In Turkey, it is referred to as Nane Limon. It is a hand-made mixture of mint leaves (called “nana”) and lemon juice (called “limon”).

In 2006.  Chef Véronique created it in the same fashion (but with her unique signature) she enjoyed it in the Middle East when she created her Toronto creperie in 2002.  She never thought of commercialising it.  By chance, she was introduced to a co-packer and the bottled version materialised.

A product that is certified organic by a reputable organisation, guarantees the consumers that at least 95% of the ingredients composing the product are non GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), therefore of a more natural source.  LIMONANA’s ingredients are wholly certified organic.

Each manufacturing facility chooses their certifiable body. LIMONANA is co-packed in facilities that are inspected and certified by ECOCERT, an internationally recognizable organization which was founded in France in 1991. Therefore, LIMONANA is certified organic by ECOCERT.

Glass is a non-porous element.  Bottling in glass means that the beverage is protected from bacteria seeping through its walls.  Furthermore, it is sustainable and the most stable packing material that can be ethically recycled.  Our bottles are so solid (made in Spain) and beautiful, that we discovered many of our customers reuse our bottles like we do; great for dried legumes, soups, nuts, herbs, etc. to be kept in your kitchen pantry or in the fridge, even in the freezer. Some people also use them as vases. We heard you saying “WOW!”

LIMONANA is Kosher and certified by the Kashrut Council of Canada, hence the symbol COR on our bottles.  While it is not certified Halal, there is no ingredient in LIMONANA that would be contrary to a Halal diet.

LIMONANA’s Best Before date indicated on its bottles is 2 years from the manufacturing day. However, it is such a stable product that it can safely be consumed for 3 years without even losing its original taste.

“GMP” stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. Limonana is manufactured and bottled by a pristine medical laboratory. It is inspected by Health Canada, to ensure that goods are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards focusing on 5 main components: the personnel, the products, the processes, the procedures and the premises. Overall, these regulations protect both the

company and the consumers from negative food safety events. Another reason to say WOW! Don’t you agree?