Every artisan has
a unique story

The one of Véronique is a tourbillon that has not stopped yet! In 2002, freshly returning to Toronto from a trip to France as a newly crowned Master Crêpes Maker, she opens her first café – Crêpes à GoGo – soon to become the talk of the town and birthplace of her Limonana beverage.

Véronique is a communicator and lover of beautiful things. Born in a multi-cultural family, she studied Film & Photography in Paris and traveled the world before setting foot in Canada, on her own, and starting a family. The switch to opening her first café came after a long and winding road of experiences and chance encounters. Fired by a desire to be unique, and a passion for healthy and delicate food, she created her own recipes searching for ways to stand  out from the crowd. From her sunny travels, she reminisced enjoying a beverage in the Middle East: a very refreshing fusion of mint (nana) and lemon (limon) and called Limonana.

Armed with determination, she was going to introduce Limonana to the North American market. She mixed her mint leaves, lemon juice, and sugar in various doses until she reached the perfect, most delicate balance. Before she knew it, the little brew grew, and soon, the 4 litres at a time she was concocting on a weekly basis, were not enough for customers who were bringing empty bottles to fill.

Chance has it that, 3 years later, one of her customers proposed to introduce her to a professional of the beverage industry. She prepared a batch for him to taste. His reaction was the same Limonana is still getting today. Exclaiming “WOW!”, he swore this was a winner!

This encounter was followed by close to a year of trials as Véronique was learning the ropes of scaling and manufacturing a beverage.

August 2006: Limonana, for the first time in the world, is ready to be sold commercially, with the first bottles of the Original arriving at Crêpes à GoGo. Customers were quick to adopt this new beverage, adding their own two cents:

  • I want it stronger; may I try it with a green or black tea bag?
  • It’s amazing with cinnamon!
  • Let me try it hot!
  • I added gin to it and it was delicious!

All these comments gave ideas to Chef Véronique.  Thirteen years later, she decided to expand her offering by adding 3 new flavours to her Original: Green Tea, Cinnamon, and Lavender.

Lavender was a surprise Véronique’s long time chemist created and brought for her to taste. She immediately applauded!

Each of these flavours is beautifully pairing with the Original.

Always natural, manufactured in pristine certified GMP medical laboratories in Toronto, and certified organic by Ecocert, certified kosher by COR, Limonana is here to stay as a staple in every household!

Let us know which is your favourite flavour –  Talk to us, send us a note or a post on our Instagram (@drinklimonana) your best photo of Limonana

And if your local retailer does not yet carry Limonana, please send them our way.